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The Group Builds the First “ETC& Non-inductive payment” Parking Lot in the Whole Province


On May 30, Shandong Hi-speed Group and Shandong Airport Group jointly convened Jinan Airport “ETC& Non-inductive payment” Intelligent Parking Media Project Promotion Meeting, which marks the first ETC&“Non-inductive payment” parking lot in the whole province to be transferred to the official operation stage at the P1 parking lot of Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport.

With “Association between Strong Enterprises” of Shandong Hi-speed Group and Shandong Airport Group, the ETC&“Non-inductive payment” parking lot is promoted in cooperation, and the new experience of the airport's “Intelligent Parking” will be further improved, and the traffic efficiency of the parking lot is greatly improved. The whole province's 5 million ETC car owner users and the car owners userswho registered Shandong Hi-speed “Non-inductive payment” can use the ETC special vehicle lane at the international airport of Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport without stopping the car to quickly enter and exit the P1 parking lot.

For the “ETC& Non-inductive payment” parking lot, Shandong Hi-speed Group shall provide comprehensive payment solution, which can reduce the operation cost of the parking lot to the maximum extent by adding two advanced charging technologies such as combining ETC and “Non-inductive payment” to realize the unattended operation of the parking lot in and out of the parking lot. After the “ETC& Non-inductive payment” lane is enabled, the arrival time of the vehicle is shortened to one second, compared with the traditional cash payment vehicle, the vehicle appearance speed is increased by at least 8 times, and the parking experience of the passenger is greatly improved. At the same time, the system can make unified reconciliation accounting of multiple channel funds, such as Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, ETC and so on, effectively reduce financial cost, raise capital turnover efficiency, reduce management pressure and realize “cost decreasing and benefit increasing”.

“Non-inductive payment” is an upgraded product of ETC “Internet+” launched by Shandong Hi-speed Group. The user does not need to add any equipment, only need to bind license plate and payment channel, then can fast pass the highway and the parking lot which is opened “Internet+” service. At present, Shandong Hi-speed Group has completed 113 toll stations of 464 lanes promotion work in the whole province, and Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport P1 parking lot as the first “Non-inductive payment” parking lot will form benign interaction with high-speed scene , so as to further improve the overall proportion of non-cash payment of the parking lot. Users can open “Non-inductive payment” services through multiple channels such as “e High Speed” client, “e High Speed” WeChat official platform and Alipay city service.

The next step, Shandong Hi-speed Group will open the advanced and convenient payment products used on the highway to the social parking lots, fully output ETC, Non-inductive payment, self-service long-distance scanning code and other capabilities, add capability to city parking lots toimprove the operation efficiency of parking lots andreduce the operating cost, so as to letmore owner users enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by the technical upgrade.


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