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Shandong Hi-Speed Cooperation with Zebra Network to Open the New Era of “Non-inductive Payment”


On May 23, Shandong Hi-Speed Co., Ltd. cooperated with Zebra Network, the provider of intelligent network automobile overall solution to introduce “non-inductive payment” based on intelligent network automobile. On the basis of the original “non-inductive payment”, they used the Zebra smart high-speed solution “high-speed cloud payment”.

High-speed cloud payment” is a smart high-speed solution with independent intellectual property rights, which can be applied to both parking “non-inductive payment” and non-parking “non-inductive payment”. The payment is based on the accurate path recognition through the cloud, and it can check the information of the person and vehicle by ways of real-time position determination and cloud identification, which improves the identification accuracy of the license plate and prevents the charge from being paid by mistake. Wherein the non-stop “non-inductive payment” makes vehicle pass through within seconds, it is substantially same with the ETC passing experience, and its passing speed of vehicle is at least 8 times higher than that of the cash payment.

It is reported that the cooperation between Shandong Hi-Speed and Zebra Network had achieved two achievements: one is the application of “scene cloud” service of intelligent network automobile. Through cloud identification and secondary verification, the intelligent network automobile parking “non-inductive payment” service will be energized and put online, more effectively solving the problem of fake license plate and license plate recognition error. The other is that non-parking “non-inductive payment” of the intelligent network automobile has passed the test, which can realize payment when the direct passing with not parking or taking the card and passing. The user can download the “e high speed” App or follow the “e high speed service” in the Wechat to register for free, or find Alipay “Urban Services” to register and open the non-inductive payment. The user can enjoy the convenience brought by the non-inductive payment without installing other equipment.

At present, 464 lanes and 113 toll stations in the Shandong highway have completed the lane upgrading for the parking “non-inductive payment” service and the reconstruction of the airport parking lot, and all users who have opened the service can enjoy the non-inductive passing.


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