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Held the 4th session of Youth Forum


To celebrate the May Fourth Youth Day, on the morning of May 3, Shandong Hi-speed Group held the Youth Forum themed on “Work Together in New Era · Achieve Together Hi-speed Dream”. Shang Shengbo, the Deputy Secretary of Shandong Communist Youth League Party Committee, Du Haiwei, the deputy director of the Ministry of Youth Development of the Shandong Communist Youth League, Sun Liang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, Liu Hongbin, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Director, Ai Yizhong, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Hi-speed Group, Wang Zhibin, standing member of the standing committee, director and president of the Labor Union have participated.

Chairman Sun Liang delivered warmly opening speech and extend, on behalf on the Party Committee of the Group, festival greetings to League members and young people and warm welcome to all participants.

He pointed out that it is those ambitious young men started the May 4th Movement, carried out anti-imperialism and anti-feudalism fight and promoted China to change from old era to new era 99 years ago. To celebrate the May 4th Movement is to enable young friends to inherit and carry forward glorious traditions of the older generation and not to forget original aspiration, keep in mind the mission and forge ahead.

He said that the Group has become one modern, international, high-efficient and comprehensive solely state-owned extra-large enterprise with the largest scale, strongest benefit in Shandong and top among same industry nationwide after 17 years of development. The registered capital has increased from 500 million yuan at the beginning of establishment to 23 billion yuan, which increased by about 46 times, the total profit has increased from 80 million to 6.6 billion, which increased by 82 times, the assets scale has increased from 6 billion yuan to almost 600 billion yuan, which increased by 100 times, and Hi-speed Group has become one world famous enterprise group that is the Namecard of Shandong, nationwide brand.

He emphasized that the development goal of the group and the objective of young staff are the same, the development and achievements obtained by the group cannot be separated from the responsibilities and contribution of 40,000 young employees. And he, on behalf of the Group, expressed his gratitude to the hardworking of all young employees.

He pointed out that when the great way prevails, the world is equally shared by all, moving forward with our mind, starts with a thousand miles, and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The development of the Group relies on the unity and concerted efforts of all employees and relies on the struggle and hardworking of young employees. All young employees shall work hard with courage, with enthusiasm, with dream and with the long-cherished wish to be achieved.

He asked young employees to closely follow the pulse of the age, actively adapt to and lead the new normal, stand at a new starting point, achieve new development and exploit new prospects. Young employees shall adhere to the principle of "morality-oriented in society, being honest-oriented in work, human-oriented in management and quality-oriented in development”, maintain clean on politics, economy and style of work, learn deeply, plan innovatively and work practically so as to contribute to the “Hi-speed Dream” of “Build the Hi-speed Group in China, be Fortune Global 500 and Enrich Staffs”.

Videos of part front-line staff in some industries of the Group has been played on the forum, and six excellent, grass-roots youth representative from the front line have reported their work, share their youth stories and growth feelings. During the section of guest interview, Shu Yun, the host and grass-roots youth and league cadres and representative have had in-depth communication, listened to their understanding and pursuit on “Youth Dream · Hi-speed Dream · China Dream”. And guests presented have answered ideological confusion of young employees and other relevant topics.

This session of forum was hosted by the Youth League Committee of the Group and organized by construction management company. A total of more than 280 delegates of leaders of the Group, leaders in charge of affiliated unit in Shandong, person in charge of organizations of the Youth League and young employee representatives have attended the site activities. In addition, young people in 23 parallel sessions of affiliated unit of the Group have watched the Forum simultaneously through the video conference system. 

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