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Establishing the Shandong Hi-speed Taishan Development Co., Ltd.


On the morning of March 20, Shandong Hi-speed Taishan Development Co., Ltd held the opening ceremony. Chairman of the Group and secretary of Party committee Sun Liang, deputy secretary of Party committee and director Liu Hongbin, secretary of the board of directors Wang Xiaodong, and members of the leading group of Taishan Development Company participated in the event.

Chairman Sun Liang indicated that the establishment of Taishan Development Co., Ltd. was an important measure to speed up the conversion of old and new driving force and vigorously develop the fitness regimen industry. Taishan Development Co., Ltd need to find out the orientation exactly, pursue the quality from management, pursue the schedule from quality, pursue the benefit from schedule, pursue development from benefits, pursue the brand from development, and build the "Fitness Regimen of Mount Tai·Great Achievement of Hi-speed Group" project into a national well-known innovative comprehensive demonstration project integrating tourism, health, education, commerce, finance, etc.

Shandong Hi-speed Taishan Development Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the development and investment of Fitness Regimen Industry, which covers multiple industries such as tourism, commerce, hotels, real estate, finance, sports, medical, education, research, building materials and eco-agriculture. The project of "Fitness Regimen of Mount Tai·Great Achievement of Hi-speed Group" is located in the south of Jinan and the eastern foot of Mount Tai and covers an area of about 18,000 mu, surrounding by Fitness Regimen Industry. The project with the planned investment amount of 30 billion yuan, plans to build five districts including the central lake landscape district, rural culture experience district, natural village residence district, health preserving district, administrative function and resident resettlement district. It is the major strategic layout of the conversion of new and driving force of the Group and also the provincial key project of Shandong Tourism Development Committee, and one of the ten key projects of conversion of old and new driving force in Tai'an city.


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