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The Qianyu Tunnel, The First Long Tunnel of Southern Shandong High-speed railway Successfully Ran through the High-speed Railway


In the early morning of March 20, the first long tunnel of Southern Shandong High-speed Railway constructed by Shandong Hi-speed Group, Qianyu tunnel ran through the high-speed railway, which created conditions for the run-through of the whole-line beam erection and the conversion of next working procedure as soon as possible.

The Qianyu Tunnel is the control node project of Southern Shandong High-speed Railway, located in the Sheshuiyu Town, Sishui County, Jining City. It is a double-line tunnel of passenger rail line, with a total length of 1110 meters, which is constructed by Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge Co., Ltd. Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge Co., Ltd optimized process connection to shorten the single cycle operation time, and overcame the difficult problems such as different weathering, softness and fracture, and shallow burial depth of surrounding rocks to ensure the smooth penetration of the Qianyu tunnel.

Up to now, the Southern Shandong High-speed Rail, Rizhao-Linyi railway and Linyi-Qufu railway has completed the investment amount of 7.4 billion yuan, accounting for 21% of the total investment plan of 35.6 billion yuan. 63.5% of the bridge project, 105453 bridge meters, was completed. 96% of the piling project, 36631 pilings, was completed. 42% of beam fabrication, 2369 beams, was completed. 26% of beam erection, 1426 beams, was completed. 66.3% of subgrade construction, 11.453 million square meters, was completed. 39% of the tunnel construction, 5053 meters, was completed. The track laying work of Linyi-Qufu railway may be completed by the end of the curve section by the inverting the construction period and hanging the progress chart on the wall. The Group will begin the joint debugging and commission in June next year, and strive to make the railway open to traffic for one year in advance by the end of 2019.


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