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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Welcomes Chairman Sun Liang


On March 8, Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister, was warmly greeted the Chairman Sun Liang in Phnom Penh. In a friendly atmosphere, the two sides held more than one hour of talks.

Prime Minister Hun Sen welcomed the visit of Chairman. Sun Liang, pointing out that Cambodia is a friendly neighbor of China and is an important country alongside the Belt and Road. It is a key country with open development. At present, it is positive for the period of open development, social stability and people's harmony. Cambodiawelcome and gratitude to Shandong Hi-speed participate in infrastructure construction, such as Phnom Penh new town, port, expressway, high speed rail and house purchasing.

Chairman Sun Liang appreciated Prime Minister Hun Sen for his cordial reception. Sun Liang said that the Prime Minister Hun Sen has been being a good friend of China for many years, we paid close attention to Cambodia domestic election and congratulated the Cambodian People's Party on garnering 58 seats in the fourth Senate election. The visit was also to look for business opportunities in Cambodia according to the General Secretary Xi's propose, "The Belt and Road". We hoped to give full play to the advantages of our Group in finance, industry and talent, and actively participate in the development and construction of the infrastructure industry in Cambodia to realize mutual benefit and win-win result.

While in Cambodia, Chairman Sun Liang also visited the Cambodian Minister of Finance and Minister of Transport. Deputy General Manager of the Group Wang Sijun and the Chief Accountant of the Croup Ji Kecheng are also accompanying.


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