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The Financial Group Successfully Issued 600 Million Dollars Bonds Abroad for the First Time


In recent days, with the help of the Group providing a Keepwell Deed and credit enhancement, China Shandong Hi-Speed Financial Group has successfully issued 363-day 600 million dollars debt in Hong Kong market for the first time, with an interest rate of 3.9%, which is in a relatively low level in the same period. Issuing bonds abroad can save about 70 million interest comparing with issuing bonds in the mainland and has realized a new breakthrough in the financing way of the company.

During the preparation of issuing bonds, the turnover of issuing bonds fell sharply as the American market's sharp drop caused turmoil in global stock markets and bond markets. In this case, the financial group took an initiative to communicate with a large number of potential investors, make good use of the advantage of the Keepwell agreement and credit enhancement issued by the Group, lock part of the foundation orders, and make a plan for insufficient issuing. On the day of pricing, market investors subscribed for bonds actively, and the subscription amount of the bonds ended up to 1.023 billion dollars, far exceeding the original issuing scale of 400 million dollars. In order to maintain a good relationship with investors, the Financial Group issued 200 million dollars more with the approval of the Group, that means the Financial Group has issued total 600 million dollars bonds abroad.

The successful issuance of the bond not only shows that the Group's excellent credit qualification is widely recognized in overseas markets, but also promotes the popularity and influence of the Financial Group in the Hong Kong market.


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