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Shandong Hi-speed Brand Lubricating Oil Product Launch


On March 5, Shandong Hi-speed Brand Lubricating Oil Product Launch Conference was held in the Shangri-La Hotel in Jinan. Dozens of partners from all parts of the country, provincial and municipal mainstream media witnessed this important moment together.

The launched Shandong Hi-speed brand lubricating oil includes a series of products such as gas oil, wood oil, CKT, natural gas oil, antifreeze, etc. Shangdong Hi-speed Sober Energy Technology Co., Ltd introduced the foreign advanced technologies and formulas to realize local production of lubricating oil, which is suitable for various complex and harsh driving conditions, and can provide excellent protection for the engine in the state of continuous high-speed driving, frequent start and stop in urban roads, fierce driving, etc. Especially the CK-4 type wood oil, it adopts the world-leading activated magnetic technology of lubricating oil, reaches 60-thousand-kilometer oil changing mileage which is far beyond the recommended mileage of 20-thousand-kilometer of import brand products, reaches the highest international standard of wood oil.

At the launch conference, Shandong Hi-speed Sober Energy Technology Co., Ltd held a signing ceremony with partners such as Korea Trading Co., Ltd and achieved strategic cooperation with America Amalie Oil Company. According to information, the products of foreign-funded enterprise brand currently account for more than 70% of the domestic high-end lubricating oil market. The high-quality lubricating oil introduced by Shandong Hi-speed Group will be beneficial to not only change the monopoly pattern of foreign brands in the high-end market of domestic lubricating oil, but also implement the major project of transforming old and new driving force in the whole province, and promote the transformation and upgrading of petrochemical industry.


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