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Shandong Hi-speed Group Convened Mobilization Meeting about Key Project Construction of Expressway


On February 28, Shandong Hi-speed Group held the mobilization meeting of the key project construction of the expressway, blew a bungle call of key project construction, fully speeded up the expressway and high-speed railway construction tasks of which total investment amount is 220 billion yuan.

The secretary of the party group and the Director-General of the Provincial Transportation Department, Jiang Cheng, the Chief Engineer of the Provincial Transportation Department, Fang Jianguo, members of provincial transportation Advance Office, Secretary of CPC committee and chairman of the Group, Sun Liang, the member of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhang Weizheng, the member of the Party Committee and the Deputy General Manager, Jiang Zhenting, members of the Party Committee and the chief engineer, Zhou Xinbo, the heads of relevant departments, representatives from each project construction management unit, design unit, supervision unit and construction units, altogether over 200 people took participate in the meeting.

The Secretary-General, Jiang Cheng, pointed out that the Hi-speed Group convened the key construction project mobilization meeting of the expressway, which was an important measure to implement the spirit of the driving forces conversion of Shandong Province and highlighted the responsibility of the Hi-speed Group. The construction and development of Shandong expressway started early, but now the development of expressway lags behind compare with the requirement of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the conversion of driving forces for development. According to the provincial government's request, Shandong will vigorously develop transportation infrastructures and strive for a major breakthrough in three to five years. We need to have a sense of urgency that time and tide wait for no man, take up the sleeves to fill up and set off a surge of transport-constructing "new craze".

Chairman, Sun Liang, said that the transportation industry is a business card representing the image of our province. As a member of Shandong transportation industry, the Group will conscientiously subordinate to and in the service of the overall situation of the whole province. With a sense of urgency that we can't wait, a sense of responsibility that we can't slow down, a sense of responsibility that we can't sit still, we insist on the principle of "first-class construction, first-class quality, first-class management, first-class service and first-class implementation", strive to take the expressway and high-speed railway projects to be opened to traffic ahead of schedule, complete the improvement of service areas ahead of schedule, and provide transportation guarantee for our province conversion of driving forces for development.

At the meeting, the Deputy General Manager, Jiang Zhenting, made a summary mobilization report. Chief Engineer, Zhou Xinbo, read out the advanced recognition decision, awarded to the excellent construction management units, design units, supervision units and construction units in 2017 and signed the responsibility documents of construction management on site. Some of the advanced units made a statement.

In 2017, the expressway and high-speed railway construction projects of Shandong Hi-speed Group had the largest investment amount, the longest mileage and the biggest difficulty of all time. When facing the construction environment of environmental renovation and ground material shortage, Shandong high-speed innovation bought into the construction integration mode and overfulfilled the investment amount and construction task goals of the whole year with developing the Iron Army Spirit of special ability to endure hardship, devote and fight. Among the tasks, both the Second Ring Extension Line of Jinan and the Weifang-Rizhao connecting line have been completed in advance for one year. Southeast Second Ring Extension Line of Jinan which was invested 7.23 billion yuan opened the southeastern gate of the provincial capital and effectively relieved the traffic congestion pressure in Jinan city. It is the most large-scale eight-lane highway tunnel group in the world which built the "Shandong Tunnel" brand; Jinan-Qingdao reconstruction and expansion project has been reconstructed and expanded under the premise of ensuring the passage. Since the commencement of the project, quality and zero accidents have been kept, so the project has been listed in the Green Science and Technology Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Transport, and the project was speeded up; The first smart and experience-based service area in Taian was established, "Shandong's service area" brand was set up; Jinan-Qingdao high-speed rail project has been completely linked. The Southern Shandong high-speed rail continuously refreshed the new speed of domestic high-speed rail construction, which created the "Shandong High-speed Rail" brand.

This year, the Group will ensure the completion of the investment amount of 12.87 billion yuan in expressway. Accelerate the reconstruction and expansion of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, and 6 expressway projects under construction of which total mileage is 682 km including Longkou to Laixi, Weicheng to Rizhao, Taian to Dong’e, Gao Qing to Guangrao and Zaozhuang-Mushi high-speed extension to ensure that the Weicheng to Rizhao and Longkou to Laixi expressway will be opened to traffic during this year, realize the construction of two expansion projects, Beijing-Taipei high-speed Dezhou-Qihe and Taian-Zaozhuang project, and complete the task of upgrading 40 service areas. The Jinan-Qingdao High-speed Railway will be opened to traffic at the end of the year. The group will finish investing 22 billion yuan in the high-speed rail project including South Shandong high-speed rail, Weicheng-Laixi high-speed rail and Jinan-Laiwu high-speed rail.

Regarding to the rail project, Jinan-Qingdao high-speed Rail will be opened to traffic at the end of this year, and western part of South Shandong high-speed Rail will be strived to start the year, and the main part of Rizhao-Qufu segment is basically finished expect for the rail laying, station building and four-electricity projects. The Weicheng-Laixi rail and the Jinan-Laizhou projects will start construction. At the same time, the Group will strongly support joint projects under construction such as Qingdao-Lianyungang Railway, Huanghua-Dajiawa Railway, etc., actively take participate in the construction of rapid rail network planning and related projects in the province, and strive to be the main force of the rapid railway network construction in our province.

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