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Chairman Sun Liang Delivered A Keynote Speech at the 1st Annual Conference for China Transportation Investment and Financing


On 11th January, the 1st Annual Conference for China Transportation Investment and Financing was held in Ningbo. Sun Liang, Chairman of the Group and Secretary of the Party Committee, was invited to delivered a keynote speech at the annual conference with the title of "Big Traffic + Big Finance, Infinite Value", explaining the significance of "Big Traffic + Big Finance" and how to make "Big Traffic" industry bigger and stronger with easy words to understand, which received warm responses at the annual meeting.

Chairman Sun Liang stated that "Big Traffic" was the pillar industry of economic development, "Big Finance" was the guarantee to support economic development, and they complement, supplement each other and develop together. Shandong Hi-Speed Group, relying on the dynamic combination of "Big Traffic + Big Finance", only spent 10 years to develop it into a modernized, internationalized, high-efficient, and comprehensive large enterprise group with "Big Traffic" as its main industry, "Big Finance" in the main industry chain as auxiliary industry from an little known and mere expressway enterprise after the rationalizing system, whose total assets and total profit had ranked the first among provincial enterprises and in China same industry for two years running.

How to make the "Big Traffic" industry bigger and stronger? Chairman Sun Liang thinks there are two ways, the one is "Big Traffic" Centered assets management, and the other is "Big Finance" Centered capital operation. Assets management, that is to look for the shortcomings through analyzing financial statements and bench marking. In the light of profit statement, seek the growth point of income and reduction point of cost; According to the balance sheet, seek the ways to improve the operation rates of fixed assets and equipment, reduce the debt radio, and increase the profit margin on net assets; Based on the cash flow statement, look for ways to accelerate the capital turnover, improve the efficiency of capital utilization, and reduce the rate of quick action to achieve seeking effectiveness, survival and development from management. Capital operation, that is an activity, taking assets to the market for buying and selling, through "capital exchanges for money-money buys capital-capital benefits money-money stacks money" conversion process, to vitalize inventory stock, magnify increment, and improve benefit. Capital operation is the inevitable outcome of enterprise development at a certain stage, it is the only way to become stronger from merely being big, and also an important means to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets.

On the basis of the relationship between chicken and egg, Chairman Sun Liang had summarized four modes of capital operation: the first one is "borrowing chicken to lay eggs, and returning chicken with egg" mode, mainly including direct financing, issuing bonds, fund and private placement, etc.; second is "returning only eggs, no chicken" mode, and it means funds incensement, stocks expansion, equity financing, and finance lease, etc.; third one is "returning only chicken, no eggs mode", to take advantage of the way of one-time buyout, like compensated merger and integrative re-combination via "only returning cost" to achieve low-cost expansion; and the last one is "returning neither chicken nor egg" mode, through the ways like, resetting the total value of assets, gratuitous transferring of state-owned property, and establishing the fund-balance center, etc.

At the end of the speech, Chairman Sun Liang proposed together with peers, to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of "Innovation, Accountability and Profit Maximization", bear in mind that "Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurs, Accountability is the responsibility of entrepreneurs, and the maximization of profits is the mission of entrepreneurs", and make due contribution to the development of China's transportation industry and the realization of Chinese Dream.



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