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Group-invested Construction of Second-Ring Extension Line in the Southeast of Jinan has been Completed into Service in Advance for One Year


At 24:00, Dec. 27th, the Group-invested 7.23 billion yuan into the construction of the two-ring extension line project in the south-east of Jinan, which is one year ahead of the planned construction time limit. The project is made up of two parts: the south extension of Second-ring East Road and the east extension of Second-ring South Road, the ratio of bridge and tunnel is up to 64.7%, the area of the maximum excavation cross section of the tunnel is 219.8 square meters, which is the largest one of the country’s excavation constrcution.

The Group has successfully overcome the technical difficulties of large-section tunnel construction and the water inrush and burst mud with the advisory committee of eminent experts at home and abroad, including three academicians - Wang Mengshu, Yang Xiumin, Ren Huiqi, jointly with domestic famous research institutes, such as Shandong University. The built Jiangshui Quan tunnel, Longding tunnel, Laohu Shan Tunnel and Gang Gou Tunnel respectively rank 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th of the world's longest eight-lane highway tunnel, and the "Shandong Tunnel" brand has been promoted. For the bridge part, the completed five-storey interchange-transfer- shaft interchange occupies a land area of 478 Chinese acres, which is equivalent to the size of total 16 soccer fields, and is the largest city road interchange in Shandong Province. The purpose of the project is to build a general-purpose vehicle to fully open the passageway in east and south of the provincial capital, and the provincial capital the elevated high-speed highways truly realize the closed-loop connectivity, so that the travelling of the citizens in the province is greatly facilitated, and the construction of the economic circle of the city group around the provincial capital city can be effectively promoted.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Group undertook a total investment of 220 billion yuan into high-speed railway and highway projects, all of which are now being accelerated by scheduled. Among them, the holding Jiqing (Jinan-Qingdao) High-speed Railway Project will be completed by the end of 2018; the first construction transfer order which will be completed by Jiqing High-speed Reconstruction and Extension Project will be completed in 2019; the Lunan high-speed rail- Linyi to Qufu section, Rizhao to Linyi section are under construction, Qufu to Heze section and Heze to Lankao section have fufilled their feasibility study reports and the whole line will be opened at the end of 2019.

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