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The group held a meeting on financial work and accounts on 2017


On 21st December, the group held a meeting on financial work and accounts on 2017 in the meeting room on the 26th floor of Shandong high-speed mansion. Liu Shugong, chairman of the board of supervisors of the group company, and Wang Sijun, vice-general manager, attended the meeting and spoke separately. A total of about 200 people, including principal persons in charge of all tenure units, chief accountant, head of the finance department and staff in charge of the financial budget, attended the meeting.

The meeting commended the advanced units and advanced individuals of finance and accounting division in 2017, explained financial accounts for 2017, total budget for 2018 and labor cost reporting matters. At the same time, board of supervisors, planning finance department, audit legal department discussed with accounting firms, conducting detailed communication about final accounts and audit of annual reports; finance and accounting division discussed with delegation of each ownership unit, conducting detailed communication about strengthening financial management, financial supervision and other related work.

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