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First successful issuance of US dollar bonds of Shandong High-Speed Group


On 15th December, Shandong High-Speed Group successfully issued $400 million three-year US dollar bond in Hong Kong for the first time, realizing new breakthrough of overseas financing.

The US dollar bond issued this time is an unrated, unsecured bond, with 4% coupon rate, 1.42% less than domestic issuance of bonds of the same maturity, which could save $17.04 million in financial costs. The bond issued is far more efficient than the comparable new bond, with distribution costs hitting a new low in the same period. All these show the recognition and confidence of foreign organizations to the credit strength of Shandong High-Speed Group.

The group attaches great importance to this issuing. A roadshow team leaded by leadership, combined with finance and accounting division, international cooperation company, Shandong High-Speed Financial group, launched a roadshow in Hongkong, Singapore, communicating and promoting with cornerstone investors, underwriting group, lawyers and other intermediaries and over 70 overseas investment institutions, which effectively enhancing the group's influence in the international capital market and laying a solid foundation for the development of the next overseas business.

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