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The group completed the handover and acceptance of Jinan Southeast Second Ring Project


On 14th December, the handover and acceptance of Jinan Southeast Second Ring Project, invested 7.23 billion yuan by Shandong High-Speed Group. The line is expected to open by the end of this month, one year ahead of schedule.

Jinan Southeast Second Ring Project is combined with Jinan high speed connecting Line around the City (South extension of Second Ring Road East Road) and Beijing-Shanghai high speed Jinan connecting line (East extension of Second Ring Road South Road), the project is a vital part of the "three horizontal and six vertical" expressway system in Jinan City. It is essential to the development of provincial capital city agglomeration economic circle, connection of Jinan and Taian, establishment of Jinan-Laiwu Economic Cooperation Area, urban expressway network, and alleviating urban traffic congestion.

The total length of the project is 21.59 km, bridge to tunnel ratio reaches 64.7%. The main line consists of 6 eight-lane tunnels, with a total length of 9.74 km. Jiangshui Quan Tunnel(3101 m), Longding Tunnel2183 m, Laohu Shan Tunnel1888 m, Gang Gou Tunnel1105 mof the project list the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th place of the world's longest eight lane highway tunnel. In terms of bridges, the largest 5-story interchange in Jinan has been built —— Bandao Jing Interchange, which contains 12 ramps, covering an area of nearly 100 thousand square meters. The whole project is estimated to cost 7.23 billion yuan, with an average cost of 330 million yuan per kilometer.

Facing the problems of large tunnel size and excavation section, high security risk, difficulty of construction organization, high environmental protection requirements, and high social concern, Shandong High-Speed Group gives more priority to society benefits than economic benefits, organizing over 4000 builders to accelerate the project construction in every possible way under the premise of quality and safety. Such huge project is finished within only 2 years, one year ahead of 36 months schedule.

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