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Shandong High-Speed Weifang Port Formally Opened for Operation


On the morning of November 9, at the berth of No. 18-21, the Xinhaixin Container Cargo Ship, the Weiying drop and pull ship, and Hongwei No. 6 bulk cargo ship arrived and stopped in the harbor. They whistled at the same time and 65-ton dual-box bridge cranes and 50-ton multipurpose cranes began hosting operations, which marks High-SpeedShandong High-Speed WeifangWeifang port, invested, constructed and operated by Shandong High-Speed Group, formally opened port operation. This is the new achievement of Shandong High-Speed Group's "Big Traffic" strategy, and it is the first port of Shandong province's management of enterprise operation.

The total of 3 billion RMB has been invested in the High-Speed Weifang port project in ShandongShandong Province is 3 billion, yuan, and the plan is divided into nine productive berths in two phases. The total length of the shoreline of this operation phase, the No. 18 to No. 21, is 1020 meters, including 2 general berths and 2 passenger and cargo roll-in berths. In the process of construction, the first-class experts organized by Shandong High-Speed carried out the technical breakthrough, successfully overcome the problems of subgrade cleaning, slurry leakage of bored pile with high thickness riprap layer, marine environment pollution and other construction problems commonly encountered in the port construction of the Bohai rim port, and obtained 1 national invention patent and 12 national patents utility models. The company has completed the first 50,000-tonnage berth and the first special roll-in berth in the history of the port construction of Weifang, which has the functions of bulk cargo, container, passenger and cargo rolling, hanging and transportation, etc., It is expected that the annual throughput of bulk cargo is up to 10 million tons and can meet the requiremnt of annual 125,000 roll-up vehicles, 20,000 commercial vehicles, 200,000 TEUs of containers and 300,000 passengers. The berths No. 13-17 in the second phase of construction reach 1382 meters long at the coastline, including 1 passenger-cargo roll-up berth and 4 general berths, which is planned to be completed in 2019.

The operation of the High-Speed Weifang Port in Shandong province further optimizes the port strategic layout of the province, providing a close-range, low-cost and high-efficiency and large channel for goods entering and leaving the sea in the north area of the Shandong Peninsula, such as Weifang, Zibo and other economic regions. At the same time, as the south starting point of the national Lu-Liao(Shandong-Liaoning) shelf-sea dumping and large-channel of land and marine transportation, it thoroughly opens the golden water channel and the rolling multi-modal transport logistics large channel in the East China-North-East region, which can reduce the land transportation distance by 800 kilometers, and it is also essential to the economic and social sustainable development of the two provinces and the hinterland of the Shandong and Liaoning. For the Shandong High-Speed, it is the essential measure for the group to endeavor to the national blue-yellow strategy, supporting the "The Belt and Road Initiative" construction, transfer to sea, entering into the port operation of important initiatives. The operation of Weifang port realizes the new breakthrough of the operation business of the port operation, further perfects the large traffic industrial layout of the group’s "Land, Sea, Air and Port", provides favorable support for the big transportation advantage and makes the big logistics industry, and provides new kinetic energy for the transformation and upgrading of the Group’s business.

In recent years, Shandong High-Speed Group took high starting point to layout, high starting point to self-position, focusing on forging a big traffic industry group. The expressway industry in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei and other operations management has been open to trafficof 2800 km, the abuilding Shandong High-Speed Jiaozhou Bay Bridge,reaching 1,127km,High-Speed is the world's longest cross-sea bridge, winning the "Nobel Prize" of world bridge field——George Richardson Award; operating local railway of 586 km,abuilding  743 km, and on behalf of the provincial government to undertake the construction of 3,800 km of trunk line railway; the High-Speed railway is holding a total mileage of 802 kilometers, with a total investment of 135 billion-yuan Jinan-Qingdao High-Speed rail and Lunan High-Speed rail. Shipping secor, the share holder, Shandong Ocean Group is the core investment and financing platform of implementing the blue economic zone strategy in our province. The airport sector, Toulouse Airport, the controled the fourth largest passenger terminaland the second largest airport for goods transport in France, is the first overseas airport acquired by Chinese-funded enterprise, and the Jinan International Airport of the participating shares successfully ranks among the large-sized airports with the passenger throughput of "Ten-Million-Level". Logistics sector, Shandong High-Speed Logistics Group, with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan, ranks first of scale in the same industry of Shandong Province, which has developed into a banner of modern logistics industry in the province.


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