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Ceremony of Completion of the Reconstruction and Expansion Project and the 50th Anniversary the Storage and Transportation Company of Materials Group


On the morning of November 7th, Shandong High Speed Material Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. held a ceremony for the completion of the reconstruction and expansion project and the 50th anniversary of establishment. The Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Group Company, the Executive Director Xu Jun Feng, the District Deputy Secretary of the Linzi District, the President of the Region, Bai Pinghe and the representative of the Company attended the ceremony.

Director Xu Junfeng, on behalf of the High-Speed Group, welcomed and thanked the leaders at all rankss in support of the development of the Storage and Transportation Company, and recognized the Material Group for prioritzing the resources integration, investment guidance, management promotion, futures and current integration and other measures so as to accelerate the development of new and old kinetic energy conversion. He also spoke highly of the endeavor and achievements that the company made over the last 50 years. He required the company to start again from the 50th anniversary celebration and using of the new project, carry the enterprise mission of "Devoted to society, Contributing to High-speed, Expanding the enterprise and Enriching employees", and becoming the vanguard of the High-Speed Group's "100-Year Old Company" future.

On behalf of the District Committee and Government, the District Governor Bai Pinghe congratulated the company and expressed their hope that the two sides will work together to create a new situation of mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, and will create a more relaxed, harmonious and efficient development environment.

The predecessor of Shandong High Speed Materials&Transportation Co., Shandong Highway Administration Xindian Asphalt Station, which was founded in 1967. After 50 years’ harsh experience, it is still the main power of High-Speed material sector which can occupy the first backbone of the asphalt Market in the province.

55.405 millions RMB is invested in the Storage and Transportation Company Reconstruction and Expansion Project. The project mainly contains the new emulsified asphalt engineering and 20,000 tons of asphalt storage tank area reconstruction and expansion construction. The new emulsified asphalt engineering adopts the world's latest road material technology jointly developed by the High-Speed Material Group and the Heritage Group of the United States , the product has the advantages of improving the pavement performance, prolonging the service life of the pavement, reducing the construction cost, and achieving the advantages of rapid traffic, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The Reconstruction and Expansion Project of the 20,000-ton asphalt storage tank implements intelligent management and upgrading of processes such as asphalt storage and warehousing and loading and unloading, greatly reduces the production cost, improves the operation efficiency, and promotes the environmental protection and safety level.


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