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Jinan-Qingdao High Speed Reconstruction and Expansion Project Successfully Implemented


In the afternoon of October 31, the Group invested 29,796 millions of RMB to the reconstruction and expansion project of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, which has been successfully implemented for the first time, marking the stage results of the project, and formally entering the new phase of the construction of the single-lane and two-way traffic vehicle.

The sequence construction is carried out first in the first section K36+388 to K100+400, and the whole line is expected to complete the transfer order in mid-November. After the successful transfer, Jinan-Qingdao Expressway will be converted from the present two-lane, two-way four-lane traffic to a single-lane two-way traffic vehicle, of which the Qingdao-Jinan-direction two-lane pass, single-lane passage for Jinan-Qingdao route. During the single-lane and two-way traffic cycle, Jinan-Qingdao Expressway’s North lane implemented closed construction. The group will concentrate on the widening of the northern section and the reconstruction of the old road bridge, complete the second turn-out after the reconstruction and expansion of the north lane, turn the passing vehicle to the south amplitude closed construction after the north amplitude driving, and then repair or rebuild the old and old bridges in the South.

In order to ensure safe passage of road during the construction of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway Reconstruction and Extension Project, from November 1, 2017 to, January 31, 2019, Jinan-Qingdao expressways full lines prohibit the passage of goods vehicles with five or more axises. On November 7 2017, Jinan’s Xiaoxujia Junction converted to zero crossing two-way closure until the end of June 2019.

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