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Shandong High Speed Basketball Team Beat Shanxi Fenjiu Team to win the Good start


On October 29 evening 2017-2018, in the first round of CBA professional league in 2017-2018 season, and home team, Shandong high speed men's basketball team sits at home with Shanxi Fenjiu men's basketball team, with 116:114 victory over opponents, made a good start in the new season.With a number of Shandong players in the basketball team, the game has attracted nearly 8,000 fans to watch. The venue All seats are occupied., and the tickets are sold out in one day in advance.

With the excellent performance and good professional ethics of the last season, Ding Yanyuhang won the title of "Sports Morality" in 2016-2017. Prior to the start of the game, the Group's general manager, Mr. Jiang Cheng, awarded the trophy for him, which was Ding Yanyuhang’s first time to achieve thehonor.

In the new season, the squad of the High Speed male basketball team changed greatly, except for the foreign aid of Ty Lawson and Motiejūnas, Zhang Qingpeng, Zhang Chunjun, Wang Ruheng, Zhu Rongzhen are the "new faces" in the team. In this game, the High Speed basketball team overcomes the shortage of the new players to the team time and the short running period, the personnel rotate in place, the cooperation between each other is tacit, each of the players has an unusual performance.Particularly,in the last 2.9 seconds, under the cover and cooperation of teammates, Ding Yanyuhang's critical two-point shot Buzzer Beater directly ended the game, leading the team to win the first game.

Next, the High Speed Men’s Basketball Team will take the journey to Beijing to challenge the Shougang Team and the Beikong Team.

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