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Successful implementation of the first-hole box girder in the adjacent section of Lunan High Speed rail


In the morning of October 26, the Lunan High Speed Railway, which was controlled by the Group, was successfully erected on the first-hole box girder in Linyi section. The new chapter of the construction of the High Speed rail in Lunnan marked the construction stage of the construction beam.

It is reported that the construction of the box girder only takes 5 months, since the start-up construction, and the average time of 11 months of the other High Speed rail projects in the country is shortened by 6 months, and the new speed of the domestic High Speed rail construction is created. Up to now, the High Speed rail has invested 5.16 billion RMB, accounting for 86 percent of the annual investment plan 6 billiong RMB, and the accumulative total investment is 5.26 billion yuan,accounting for 16 percent of the total investment in the project. The main works which have been started to be constructed from Linyi to Qufu section are basically completed during the year, except for the erection beam; the preliminary design of Heze to Lankao section has been completed in April 2017. The preliminary design of Heze to Lankao Section has been approved in April 2017. The construction drawing has been basically completed.It can be started within 3 months after comments on and approvement.

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