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President Sun Liang meets the guests of the Xiexin Group


In the afternoon of October 11th, Group President Sun Liang met with Zhu Gongshan, President of the Xiexin Group, at the High Speed Building. Vice general managers, Wang Sijun, Sai Zhiyi, chief accountant, Ji Kecheng and relevant people of the CIHC participated the meeting.

President Sun Liang warmly welcomed the visit of the Xiexin Group, briefly introduced the basic situation of the Group, the Industry plate development and the strategic development plan. He said that the new energy industry is one of the key industries supported by the state. It is also the demand for the new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province. It is also an emerging industry which is focused on by the high speed group. The two sides have a good foundation for cooperation, and hope that the next step will be carried out in all directions with the new energy industry as the core, and achieve win-win.

Zhu has introduced the situation and future development strategy of Xiexin Group, which is one of the largest private energy suppliers in China. It has mature new energy industry plate, and hopes to further strengthen cooperation with Shandong High Speed group.

After the meeting, CIHC signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xiexin Group.


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