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Mobilization Rally by the Group About (Extending) the Learning of the Center Group of Party Committee to Further Emancipate the Mind, Promote the Transformation of Old and New Motivation, and Deepen the Reform of State-owned Enterprises


On August 7 to 10, the group convened the mobilization rally about (extending) the learning of the Center Group of Party Committee to further emancipate the mind, promote the transformation of old and new motivation, and deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. The theme of the rally is emancipating the mind in a strong manner, locating issues precisely, breaking through development solidly, and fulfilling goals fast. Sun Liang, the Party secretary and the chairman of the board, hosted the rally and delivered a keynote speech. The deputy secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager Jiang Cheng and the leaders, supervisors, the middle cadres of all sections of the Group, the leadership team members of the ownership units attended the meeting.

The contents of the conference are as follows: conveying and learning the working spirits of provincial state-owned enterprise reform and development meeting; announcing the business condition of the first half year and arrange the production and business tasks of the next half year; and inviting relevant experts from the State Council Development Research Center, University of International Business and Economics, Deloitte & Touche Management Consulting Company to carry out specific trainings about the reform of state-owned enterprises, new and old motivation transformation, capital operation, human resource, and other projects.

At the meeting, the ownership units reported on the production and operation in the first half of the year as well as the thoughts, objectives and measures of "accelerating the transformation of old and new motivation, improving quality and increasing efficiency, and making great efforts", and the leaders of the group commented on the speeches of each ownership unit.

Mr. Sun Liang fully affirmed the production and operation of the Group in the first half of the year, and actively evaluated the ideological achievements made at this meeting. He further elaborated on the purpose of the conference, the orientation of the group, the starting point of development, the guiding ideology, the way of development, the development principle and the existing problems. He called on the units to base themselves on "fast"(high starting point, high layout, high planning, fast speed, highly effective and fast development) standing point and to insist the 21-word (in Chinese characters) development principle of high efficiency, sustainable, with a certain scale, fast effectiveness, preventable, controllable, obeying. He also reminded units to adhere to the "dual-wheel drive" of production operation and capital operation, do well in improving corporate governance structure, carry out mixed ownership reform, promote reform of incentive mechanism, promote the system of professional managers, promote "releasing, controlling, serving" guidelines, carry out capital operation, accelerate “going out” policy, speed up key project establishment, advocate health and exercising, reform and elevate old motivation, speed up science and technology innovation, and deepen party building. By doing these, we would like to realize the high-speed goal of building Chinese developing group with high growth speed, enrolling the list of world top 500, and improving employees’ livelihood.

Mr. Jiang Cheng comprehensively analyzed the production and operation situation and existing problems of the Group in the first half of the year, made clear the three-quarters profit index of each ownership unit, and put forward the detailed requirements of over 9 aspects like ensuring the completion of the targetfor the whole year, actively promoting the conversion of old and new motivation, speeding up the construction of key projects and enlarging the capital operation, striving for a new breakthrough in international operations, ensuring the safety of the fund chain and promoting the "two gold" cleaning up, increasing the management of deficit enterprises and the disposition of zombie bie enterprises, strengthening the construction of humble government, safe production, and petition stability, and other aspects.


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