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Director, Xu Jun-feng Attended the Mobilization Meeting of Jinan-Laiwu High-speed Railway Construction


On the morning of July 30, the mobilization meeting of Jinan-Laiwu high-speed railway construction was held in Laiwu city. Xu Junfeng, the Director of the Group and General Manager of Rail Investment Company was invited to attend the meeting and made a statement.

Jinan-Laiwu high-speed railway is one of the key city-to-city high-speed railway projects of "the 13th five-year plan" determined by the provincial government. The opening of mobilization meeting marked the beginning of implementation of this project. With the planing and coordination of the NDRC, Rail Investment Company, cooperated with governments along the line, has completed the compilation and approval of the pre-feasibility study, feasibility study and supporting documents of the Project, which laid a solid foundation for the early construction of the project. In the next step, Rail Investment Company will continue to implement the work arrangement of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, carry out the responsibility of the investor representative of railway construction of the whole province, further innovate the investment and financing model of railway, and guarantee the fund demand of construction of railway projects, such as Jinan-Laiwu high-speed railway, and contribute to the economic and social development of our province.

According to the design, Jinan-Laiwu high-speed railway starts from Jinan East Passenger Station, eastward to the Zhangqiu District, and then southward to Xueye tourist area of Laiwu city, Laicheng District, High-Tech Zone, and ends at Gangcheng East Station of Gangcheng District. 6 stations are designed along the whole line. The designed driving speed is 350km/h. The total length of the line is about 116 km, and the total investment is about 17.07 billion yuan. Jinan-laiwu high-speed railway is a major infrastructure project of economic circle of provincial capital city group and Jinan-Laiwu cooperation region which is of long-term strategic significance for improving the layout of rapid rail network of our province and promoting rapid economic development along the line.


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