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The Group Completed Yanshan Overpass Bridge Reconstruction Project 13 Months in Advance


In the morning of July 1, Wang Wentao, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Zhonglin, the Deputy Secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee, the Mayor, visited the Yanshan overpass bridge reconstruction Project, which was invested and constructed by Shandong Hi-way Group Co., Ltd, to see the traffic recovery and visit the front-line constructers. The Chairman Sun Liang, General Manager Jiang Cheng, Chief engineer Jiang Zhenting attended the event.

The Secretary Wang Wentao fully affirmed the achievements of Jinan connecting line project of Jinan bypass expressway and Yanshan overpass bridge open to traffic in advance at the end of June. He pointed out that Hi-speed Group, as a state-owned enterprise, dares to assume responsibility, to fulfill the promise, to complete the construction task safely and efficiently with high-quality, making an important contribution to the construction of provincial capital city.

The reconstruction project of Yanshan overpass bridge was the pivotal project of Jinan East and South Second Ring project, which is constructed by Shandong Hi-speed Group Co., Ltd and the investment is 7.2 billion yuan. The project was completed successfully at 24 O’clock on June 30. Yanshan overpass bridge which was closed for 374 days is now opened for traffic. The project is completed 13 months in advance. Through scientific planning, innovation management and increasing investment, the Group has demonstrated "Shandong Expressway" speed once again under the premise of ensuring project quality safety. After reconstruction, two ramps are added to the second ring east road, facilitates the vehicle up-down the Yanshan overpass bridge, while the viaduct of Second Ring east Road extends 1572. 416 meters to the south, crossing the tourist road and connecting with Second Ring Road South Extension Project Tiger Hill Tunnel which is under construction, it will greatly alleviate the traffic pressure, and further enhance the road traffic efficiency of east and south of Jinan.

Jinan East and South Second Ring Project is composed of Jinan connecting line project of Jinan bypass expressway (Second Ring East Road extend southward) and Jinan connecting line project of Beijing-Shanghai expressway (Second Ring South Road extend eastward). The overall length of two project lines is 21. 59 km, estimated investment is 7.23 billion. The proportion of bridge and tunnel occupies 64. 6 %. It has the largest 8-lane tunnel group in the whole country and even in the world, and the current China's longest 8-lane highway tunnel. The entire road will be built and opened to traffic by the end of this year.

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