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Binhai Connection Line of Weifang-Rizhao Expressway Officially Opened to Traffic


On June 27, the opening ceremony of Binhai connection line project of Weifang-Rizhao Expressway which is invested, constructed, operated and managed by Shandong Hi-speed Group Co., Ltd, was held at Weicheng Toll Station. Fan Zhengjin, an Inspector of Provincial Department of Transport, Wang Shuhua, the Deputy Mayor of Weifang City attended the ceremony, and Chairman Sun Liang announced official opening, and the General Manager Jiang Cheng presided over the opening ceremony. Deputy Secretary Liu Hongbin, Chief Engineer Jiang Zhenting, and representatives of participating company also attended the ceremony.

The Inspector Fan Zhengjin and Vice Mayor Wang Shuhua, representing Provincial Department of Transport and Weifang Municipal Government respectively, fully affirmed the tireless efforts of the Group on the implementation of construction task of the Provincial Party Committee, and extended gratitude to all the constructers of the Binhai connection line. At 11: 18, the Chairman Sun Liang officially announced that the Binhai connecting line of Weifang to Rizhao Expressway was officially opened! After the opening ceremony, the leaders of Ministries and Agencies and the Group expressed condolence to the construction staff and inspected the opened Binhai connection line of Weifang- Rizhao expressway.

The Binhai connecting line of Weifang –Rizhao expressway starts at Shugang Road, Weifang Port. It connects the Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone, Hanting District, Shouguang City, Weicheng District, and Changle County. To south at Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, it is connected with the Weicheng –Rizhao section which is under construction, and its total length is 34. 2 km, with two-way and four-lane expressway standard, the design speed is 120 km/h, 5 large and medium bridges, 3 interchanges, 7seperated interchanges, 1 service area (Shouguang east service area) and 2 toll stations (there are Binhai and Weicheng from north to south) are set.

The project is part of "the second longitudinal line " of the provincial expressway network layout of" Nine longitudinal and Five-Horizontal One Ring Seven Connection "and Weifang-Rizhao expressway, and its built and opened to traffic will have great significance in further improving the expressway network of Shandong Province, speeding up the development of Weifang Binhai economic development zone, improving the overall benefit of regional expressway network, and promoting the realization of development planning of Blue  Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula  at an early date.


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