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Shandong Hi-speed Guochu Logistics Co., Ltd. Founded


In the morning of June 7, the Shandong Hi-speed Logistics Co., Ltd. Establishment & On-site Promotion Conference was held in the No.334 Office of the Shandong Reserve Materials Administration. Related leaders of the Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee and the Department of Commerce, Deputy Mayor of the Peoples Government of Jinan Municipality Zhou Yunping, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Director General of the Shandong Reserve Materials Administration Gan Jun, Director of the Group Xu Junfeng, as well as Executive Director of Shandong Logistics Group Meng Xianggang were present.

The establishment of Shandong Hi-speed Logistics Co., Ltd. is a key project since Shandong Hi-speed Group and the Shandong Reserve Materials Administration has started to realize the comprehensive strategic cooperation, and Hi-speed Logistics Co., Ltd. will carry out the strategic plan of keeping a foothold in Shandong, facing the other provinces and going global in depth and seize the opportunity of the Belt and Road, actively make use of the No.334 railway special line and field resources of the Jinan West Railway Station of the Jinan Railway Bureau, accelerate the construction of the Jinan Railway International Station and start the train to Central Europe.

Jinan starting the train to Central Europe is of great importance to Shandong Province and the surrounding areas in opening wider to the outside world, attracting more investment of foreign-funded enterprises and promoting the investment invitation of the government, and it provides a firm support for Shandong Hi-speed Group to implement the going global strategy in logistics, and will help Jinan to integrate in the Belt and Road initiative and the construction of the Four Centers, so as to bring Jinan the fame for building the open new pattern.

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