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Integrated Financial Information System Construction Project of the Group Successfully Launched


In the morning of June 8, the Group held the kick-off meeting of the integrated financial information system construction project in the meeting room on the 26th floor of the Hi-speed Building, and Chief Accountant Li Hang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. A total of more than 130 people attended the meeting, including chief accountants of all subordinate units, persons in charge in the respective financial department and other related personnel, as well as the staff of the Finance and Accounting Division of the Group.

The overall arrangement of the project was announced at the meeting. Relevant leaders of the project partners, including Yongyou Software Co., Ltd. and SHCC Shanghai Horizon Economic Research Institute, attended the meeting and respectively delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Chief Accountant Li Hang comprehensively summarized the financial informatization work done by the Group over the past ten years and recognized the achievements in financial informatization work; pointed out the existing problems and shortcomings; made an overall plan on the construction of the integrated financial information system and specified the general thought, key emphases in work and requirement details; stressed that the integrated financial information system construction could not only optimize the Groups budget, accounting and monitoring system and integrate with the financial management, but also ensure the realization of the strategic performance goals, vigorous control of the overall budget, valid central data cluster, information exchange of various fields, thus it was of great and profound significance.


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