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Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group Conducted the Warning and Educational Activity of Visiting the Prison Administration of Shandong


In order to further deepen education about combating corruption and promoting clean government, on April 7, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group organized a warning and educational activity in the Prison Administration of Shandong for a total of over 160 people, including available leaders of the Group, all staff of the administrative organ, leaders of the subordinate units, persons in charge of the department of discipline inspection and supervision, and project supervisors of the key projects under construction, etc.

All participants watched the warning and educational feature firm, listened to the confession with bitter hatred of two persons serving sentences who poured out how they degenerated into corrupt officials from excellent leading officials and the great harm they brought to their families and relatives, and analyzed the ideological roots of corruption. “Once the door of greediness is opened, it will be like the flood breaching the dyke and flowing down vigorously, and you will finally become a prisoner. It’s too late to regret, but I didn’t realize how precious freedom is till now!” The deep confession of the prisoners strongly shocked every present person. In the special environment and atmosphere of prison, it formed a huge contrast between the high walls and the reality, which played a role in warning and educating the Party members and cadres and stabilized the ideological defensive line of repealing the corrupting influence.

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