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Shandong Hi-speed Group Co., Ltd (SDHS) is a solely state-owned comprehensive enterprise group, with the characteristics of modernization, internationalization and high-efficiency. It was incorporated with the approval of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and its leaders are managed by Shandong Provincial Committee. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Province fulfill the responsibilities of the investors. It is mainly engaged in investment, construction and operation of highways, expressways, bridges, railways, rail transits, harbors, shipping and logistic, and also sets foot in construction, building material, information, financing, real estate and other sectors related to its main business. 

By far, SDHS has the registered capital of 2.9 billion USD, annual operation revenue of 8.5 billion USD, taxation and profit of 1.2 billion USD, total assets of 72.6 billion USD and debt ratio of 61%, and the total number of staff is over 70,000. Its asset value tops all Shandong Province-run enterprises and all Chinese enterprises of the same industry. It has achieved successively the appraisal indicators for Grade-A performance by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of Shandong Province and has ranked among “China Top 500 Companies” for 9 consecutive years.

SDHS has the ownership of 30 affiliated groups and companies, such as Shandong Hi-speed Company Ltd. which is a representative of the blue chips of the listed companies with the largest assets in the field of highway and bridge engineering in China; Shandong Hi-Speed Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd which is the largest listed provincial-level road and bridge engineering enterprise with special class construction qualification, Shandong Railway Construction and Investment Co., Ltd, which fulfills the investor’s responsibilities on behalf of the provincial government concerning the railway construction in Shandong; Shandong Local Railway Bureau(Shandong Hi-Speed Railway Transportation Group Co., Ltd) which is responsible for planning, construction, management and transportation of local railway, intercity railway, rail transits of Shandong Province; China Shandong International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Ltd which executes China-aided overseas projects and direct investment on behalf of Shandong Province; Weihai City Commercial Bank which is the first regional city commercial bank in Shandong Province; Taishan Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd which is the first nationwide property insurance entity registered in Shandong and with SDHS as the major shareholder; and Qingdao Development Co., Ltd which undertook the task of constructing the longest cross-sea bridge in the world - Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. 

SDHS has extended its business to more than 22 provinces domestically and 106 countries and regions. SDHS is operating and managing 2800KM of expressways and another 1089KM under construction, operating and managing 586KM of local railways and 743KM under construction. Moreover, on behalf of the Provincial Government, SDHS has completed the investment and construction of Shandong Section of Beijing-Shanghai Hi-speed Railway. And now, as the dominant shareholder, SDHS is responsible for the construction of Ji'nan-Qingdao Hi-speed Railway totaling 308KM in length and 9.1 billion USD in investment .It holds controlling interest of Dezhou-Longkou-Yantai Railway totaling 588KM and undertakes construction and rehabilitation of 3,800KM of main railways throughout Shandong Province. Shandong Hi-speed Jiaozhou Bay Bridge-the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world-invested, constructed, operated and managed by SDHS was awarded the world highest international prize for bridges-“George S. Richardson Medal”. It holds controlling interest of Toulouse Airport which is the fourth largest passenger airport and the second largest freight airport in France. President Xi Jinping and Serbian Tomislav Nikolic attending the Foundation Laying Ceremony of China Culture Center Project in Belgrade, which is the first project of its kind in Baltic Region.

SDHS is dedicated to the development of transportation industry. In the process of becoming larger and stronger, the company has formed the culture of “Smoothness and Harmoniousness”. By seriously sticking to the value of “Settle Down with Morality, Manage by Focusing on Humans, Be Honest as the Base for Good Work and Develop with Quality as the Top Priority”, it actively takes on social responsibilities and won a series of honorary titles, such as “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”, “China Charity Prize”, “Shandong Provincial Governor Quality Award” and “Advanced Collective of Shandong Provincial State-owned Enterprise in Building ‘Four Goods’ Leading Group”.

Facing the future, SDHS will turn over a new historical page. It will stride forward the “Hi-speed Dream” of “Create Chinese Hi-speed Group, Enter into World Top 500 and Enrich Employees” and make additional contribution to the construction of economically and culturally powerful province and complete realization of well-off society by continuously keeping on the business concept of “Be Good, Accurate, Fast, Large and Strong” and following the mainline of “Transform Approach, Regulate Structure, Promote Development, Increase Efficiency and Benefit Workers”.

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